Ecclesiastes 3.3b

“a time to tear down and a time to build.” (NIV)

The Baptist chapel in Hugglescote, Leics, was built in 1875, the fourth building to be constructed by a congregation dating back to c. 1749 and which became an independent church (from Barton in the Beans) in 1798. The premises were closed in 2005 as they were beyond economic repair and the congregation moved to worship in the local primary school. In 2009 the premises were finally sold, demolished and building began to construct new homes for a local housing association.

The final service in the building was on Saturday 18th June 2005, demolition completed on Friday 19th June 2009.
The congregation continues to meet in Hugglescote Primary school and is very active in mission in the local community.

These photographs taken together illustrate the Bible verse. Photos taken by Catriona Gorton.








All images can be used for non commercial purposes if the use and intention is made known by using the comment box below and the following acknowledgement is made on the publication, be it printed or electronic. “Courtesy of”. For any other purpose please use the comment box below and wait to be contacted. Thank you.

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  1. great images and great idea

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