The Buk – your visual reflection on the word.

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My name is Mike Lowe and I’m the minister at Boulton Lane Baptist church in Derby. My background is in visual communication and I’m very interested in the creative and spiritual possibilities made possible by visual reflection on scripture. I’m exploring this through a community driven illuminated bible called ‘The Buk’ – The Bible UK.

The Buk is a visual resource for spiritual reflection that anyone can use or contribute to. Bible verses are reflected on with either photographs, artwork or video. Anyone can contribute images, but is important that they are original and have been taken in or are about the United Kingdom. The project is not nationalistic, it is like this so that it helps spiritual reflection for those living in Britain. Images that represent an area of the country someone knows, or perhaps shows their town or even street provides an instant connection that is harder for generic images to achieve. In the future, the Buk could go international with the same idea repeated in other countries.

Photos, art or video can be sent on their own for the Buk community to reflect on, or with a verse already decided on. Or the Buk can simply be viewed by anyone for spiritual reflection, be it personal or for use with groups or in worship.

Since its launch last August, hundreds of contributions have been sent by post, email, facebook and flickr. I’m reflecting on the project during my final year of training, but hope that the bible will have a life for many years to come. I also want to take a snap shot of the bible during my final year of training and put it into print. Before then I need many more contributions. Your images do not need to be works of art, God is found in the details of everyday life.

Please send your images through one of the following ways:

By post: 118 Church Hill Street, Burton on Trent, DE15 0HT.

By email:

By Flickr:  

By facebook:  

This is a not for profit project and no personal details will be shared. You give permission for visitors to the website to use your images or video for non commercial purposes. Please ensure you have permission to share any material before it is posted. The Buk will be the subject of academic research by its creator, Mike Lowe.