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The Buk needs your photos, art and videos. The contributions need to have been created or taken by you in Britain.

There are a number of ways you can get involved from the very quick to something more in depth. A quick way to contribute is to send an image you have taken or created and email to and leave others to reflect on a suitable verse. Or you can reflect on the images that don’t have a verse associated with them yet and leave a comment. You can create images and put a suitable verse(s) with them and either email them or send them to the flickr group, or the facebook group at You can also post items to 118 Church Hill Street, Burton on Trent, DE15 0HT.

Contributions will be published on the main Buk website a short time after they are received.

If possible please say when and where the image was created. Any supporting testimony or comment will also be appreciated. Your contributions do not need to be works of art, God is in the detail of everyday life and the images in The Buk need to reflect this.

We will not be able to use any images that you do not own the copyright to or have written permission to use.

You give permission for visitors to the website to use your images or video for non commercial purposes.

The Buk will be the subject of academic research by its creator, Mike Lowe.

The Buk is a not for profit project and no personal details will be shared with any third parties.

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