Images from other countries

These images are not in the main BUK as they were not taken in Britain, but are still here to be seen and used.


Taken by Trish Large.


Taken by Trish Large.


Taken by Trish Large.


Taken by Trish Large.


Taken by Trish Large.


Taken by Pat Faulkner
John 15 “the branches that bear no fruit are fit only to be cut down and burned…
Firewood stack of vine branches at Beaupuy, France


Taken by jonquil_d.

Soebe Fjord, Norway


Taken by tony_s2008.
Well, can you imagine a more beautiful setting for a Residential Home for elderly people?
I visited my aunt and uncle here in June 2008, after not seeing them for 30 years (we have been 20 in South America).
it was such a brilliant time and I am so glad many images came out so well; what a fabulous country!
Sadly my uncle died just 10 days ago, but I did get to see him and was able to share special time with my cousins, what a gift.


Mont-St-Michel disabled parking. Taken by Sarah Jones summer 2007.


Coastline cave with opening in top showing sunlight, Portugal 2009. Taken by Trish Large.


Sunset and moon Portugal 2009. Taken by Trish Large.


Fisherman in Portugal Sept 2009. Taken by Trish Large.

Tramp In vegas by Nigel Silverstone.

Took this picture on a family Holiday in Las VegasPeople walked past this man thinking he is a nobody, he is homeless, begging for money . This man has proberly had something traumatic happen to him to be like this. He may be a Tramp but he is as just as Special as you and I. I did manage to get a smile from him just by saying hello. Throughout our stay in Las Vegas we saw this man several times he seemed to be everywhere ! my mother made a coment and said he could be an Angel. Isn’ it true that Jesus was Homeless at some stage of is life, and look how special he is.

All images can be used for non commercial purposes if the use and intention is made known by using the comment box below and the following acknowledgement is made on the publication, be it printed or electronic. “Courtesy of”. For any other purpose please use the comment box below and wait to be contacted. Thank you.

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