Images that need verses page 2


St. Albans Abbey, taken by Gregg Webb. Hung around for about an hour waiting for the light to get just right and the illlumination to balance it.


Choir practice taken by Gregg Webb.


Red taken by Gregg Webb.


Clock tower in St. Albans, in behind the town hall, taken by Gregg Webb.

This was shot with a Nikon D80 on a tripod using my standard lens – it was set to fully wide then the botom cropped out as that way it stops the tower leaning over backwards. It’s a … Read morecombination of three different exposures in the 10-30 second range from memory, locked on a tripod and fired with a cable release so I don’t make the camera move in taking the picture. So, not quite the camera doing everything for me here.


Out on the heath…I went searching for Dartford Warblers, unsuccessful! Taken by JUDI2007

Peregrine falcon.Oak Fair, Stock Gaylard. Taken by JUDI2007.


Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.I think this must be a damselfly – but there’s nothing of this colour in my book. Anyone know? Taken by JUDI2007.


Hunting by moonlight.kestrel hovering in a moonlit sky.Taken by JUDI2007.


Sundown. Taken by JUDI2007.


Nautilus Swimming. Taken by Greg Webb.


Signs of Autumn.Misty rain and leaves falling in the woods this afternoon. A couple of weeks ago I saw the white deer with her two babies and a Sika stag in these woods. Taken by JUDI2007.


On the Streets Feeding The Homeless. Taken by Scottish Camera.


Reflecting. Taken by Greg Webb.


Chocolate box cottages. Taken by Greg Webb.


Summer by JUDI2007.


Painted Lady.Feeding frantically this afternoon during the first hour of real sunshine for days. These fly hundreds of miles to Britain from North Africa and the Mediterranean coast of France. Taken by JUDI2007.


Coot and young at Langford Lakes. Taken by JUDI2007.


Words.The Smugglers Inn, Osmington, Dorset. Taken by JUDI2007.


ONE_Way_2 taken by Maclyn Upai.


2535206936l. Provided by Maclyn Upai.

Celtic Cross, Gower, Wales, taken by tony_s2008.

All images can be used for non commercial purposes if the use and intention is made known by using the comment box below and the following acknowledgement is made on the publication, be it printed or electronic. “Courtesy of”. For any other purpose please use the comment box below and wait to be contacted. Thank you.

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